Monday, May 23, 2011


Thanks to Claudia for this above photo, visit her at (click on link) Claudia at DiptyRoad

I have to say that my head sometimes feels like it is going to explode with all the new ideas that I have been learning. Like how to blog, how to create a website, how to write children's books, how to make stained glass, how to use my new digital camera, how to create a healthier me, etc, etc.  I am at this interesting time in my life where, after over 32 years in education as both a teacher and principal, I am exploring my creative side.  Not that I didn't try very hard to be creative in education.  You have to be when you are working with children!  But I am trying to really tap into that right side of my brain.

But I am finding that as I want to share this experience with you, I still have so much to learn and it still takes the left side to learn all of the rules and parameters, and how to's.  I guess you never really get away from all of that.  So, as I begin this journey, I invite you to join me in my bumpy attempt at finding illumination and creations in my life.  And as I do so, I will try to share tidbits with you that I learn along the way. And I hope that you will share what you have learned along your journey, as well.  For example, I wanted to learn how to put some pictures on my blog.  Now, I know that many of you already know how, but for a beginner like me, I needed some tools.  Thanks so much to a dear friend who has a blog called Dipity Road ( visit it, it's beautiful), I found the tool of picnik.  This is a wonderful tool to help with editing your pictures.  And it's FREE!  (I love free). But now, I find that I have to now learn how to use  So, with each new illumination, there are more doors to open and more illuminations to follow.  But it is never easy. Darn it, it takes work. And when you try to take one step you find...well let me give you an example...

I went on a walk the other day(actually it was a few weeks ago, but who's counting) and it was as spring was just peeking out after another snow storm.  I captured some wonderful pictures that I brought back to share with you.  My dog, Marley, and my cat, Starlight (who thinks she can go along ), started out on a beautiful journey.  I was multi-tasking.  I was getting exercise (not my favorite thing to do), Marley was getting exercise( not his favorite thing to do) and I was using my new digital camera, and then I would come back and write about it.  Wellllllll.....
that sure sounded good in theory.  We took the walk; I took the pictures; and then I was stuck.  I got the pictures uploaded, but I wanted to do some cropping and enhancement as I hadn 't taken my zoom lens (Duh!).  I went to   Wellllll.......that's where I stopped.  I couldn't remember how to get the pictures resized.  So, now I have decided to write today, and if I figure it out, then there will be pictures, but if not, there will be just words because we have to start somewhere.

 We'll see how brave I get.  But I am doing step one today and that is writing.  I need to write every day and so this will begin my journey.  If it's too complicated, sometimes we never launch.  So, I'm launching!  Hang on to your seats and join me in this process.  I'm not going to commit to write on my blog every day, because I do need to write my children's stories, but at least once a week I'll try to share on my blog.  And this week, maybe more as I play with the picture program.

Yea....guess what, I figured out the picture part.  Well, at least enough to share some. So with that...

 here is the story of the walk.  As I looked at the flowers in my window, I began to have a craving for spring.

 I looked out the other window and it looked like a beautiful day for a walk.  So, Marley and I (and of course Starlight who pretends she's sneaking along) started out to look for some signs of spring.



Starlight following for the first part of our journey.

We did find some signs of spring.

This was our first--a few buds on a tree.  But we found more.
                                                                     some crocus

                                                                    some hyacinths
                                                    and, of course, some daffodils and tulips.

But we continued on our trail and found a few other surprises.

                                                                       creeping phlox

                                                                            forsythia, and of course,
                                                             a pile of snow!
I am always so amazed at the strength of mother nature.  These gorgeous flowers all pushed their heads up in spite of the huge snowstorm, and continued to give us all the promise of hope beyond our winter days of cold and darkness, into our illuminated days of warmth and light.  And until that time, we can continue to rely on the warmth and light of others.

Please feel free to comment and share your illuminations and creations!  And please visit Claudia at  Her site is incredible! And she's not a beginner.

Warmest wishes for your illuminated life!