Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spring Babies (kit foxes)

We have a little den of kit foxes right near our house.  In fact, it is so close, that I can see if they are out playing when I look out my bedroom window.  They are sooooo cute! This is a picture of two of the kits. But one of them---I'm guessing he's male---is much braver than the others, so I get a chance to watch him lounging in the sun.  I finally got my new camera battery and  battery pack back from repair, and so I thought I'd share some of these delightful creatures with you. I was afraid they would all be grown and gone by the time I could shoot any pictures.  
This is the little guy that's really not too afraid to be out sunning.  Can't you just hear him, " I'm too sexy for the sun, too sexy for the sun....."  But I just delight in watching them and their mama. 
You can see that he was timid at first.
But eventually came out and looked at me.
And even did some grooming while I watched.  
Something startled him and he arched up in surprise.
While I was sitting in the weeds taking pictures, my little fox watching buddy decided to join me.  However, the ants were crawling on her feet she told me and she left.  I assumed, tired of fox watching.  But not so.
She returned a few minutes later with her snow boots on, ready for the ants and fox watching in true style.  My life is so blessed.  Foxes at my door and a fellow fox watcher at my side.  Who could ask for more?

Please let me know your thoughts.  I'd love to hear your experiences with the wild creatures of our earth.  Next time maybe I'll tell you the story of my Siamese cat, Starlight (that you already met), and the Kestrels (sparrow hawks) that have taken up residence in (yes I mean IN) my house.  Meanwhile, I limp through my photography class (much to the chagrin of my teacher), and my stained glass lessons, and my writing classes.  My head still hurts.  It's amazing how little one can know about everything!  But isn't life one glorious lesson and such a vast land of knowledge that we can gain if we want--- regardless of our age?  It is indeed a life of illumination if we want it to be.  

Until next time, I hope we all remember to seize the time we have with those we love, and look for the joy all around us! 

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  1. Jacque -- That is so fun that you have these near your home. Thanks for the pictures.